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STUDIO MUD is a ceramic co-working space - a creative hub for local and international artists and ceramic enthusiasts.  Founded in 2018 by Alessandro Strano, Sicilian ceramicist with over 30 years experience, the STUDIO grew beyond the function of a workshop space and became the home for thriving community cultivating art and craftsmanship characteristic of the Sicilian soil.

At the STUDIO, located at the historical heart of Palermo, we host a variety of ceramics-related activities ranging from exhibitions, to events,  ceramic workshops & courses and artist residencies. 


The workshops -  suitable for all skill levels - include both, more specialised courses - ideal for participants interested in gaining new skills,  and the co-working memberships allowing you to come to the studio space on regular basis and work on independent projects while using all of the materials and tools available at the studio. 

To learn more about workshops go to OUR COURSES and for latest news and updates visit our Instagram page. 

Alessandro Strano 

Alessandro Strano, a proud Palermitan with over 30 years of experience, is a committed tutor, social entrepreneur and founder of the Studio MUD -  the first-of-its-kind intercultural ceramics hub in Palermo. 

Having trained at various ceramic ateliers & workshops, Alessandro discovered his true passion - the wheel throwing - a highly technical skill requiring precision and decades of practice. After multiple collaborations with local and international artists, in his work Alessandro developed his distinctive style that marries the traditional Sicilian aesthetics and modern minimalism.


Driven by a powerful cultural value a creative pottery workshop can bring, Alessandro became a tutor and mentor. Due to his unique approach he gained a strong following among students and young artists which ultimately lead to the formation of Studio MUD - a ceramic coworking space in the heart of Palermo that both nurtures local craft and attracts a thriving community of local & international creatives and visitors alike.

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