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The creative place
for ceramic artists
and enthusiasts
in Palermo

We are MUD!

STUDIO MUD is a ceramic co-working space - a creative meeting place for local and international artists and ceramic enthusiasts.  At the STUDIO, located at the historical heart of Palermo, we host a variety of ceramic-related activities: exhibitions, events, pop-up market as well as ceramic courses and workshops. The workshops -  suitable for all skill levels -  range from more focused classes - ideal for participants interested in gaining new skills,  to the co-working memberships allowing you to enter the studio space on regular basis to work on independent projects while using all of the materials and tools available at the studio.

Fun, love

Studio MUD is a space where art meets craftsmanship, where artistic people can exchange ideas and experiment with them. And last but not least, it's an exhibition space where you can come see the creatures that have been brought into existence.


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